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Oasis Vocal Jazz


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Recent Events 

Virtual Event

Alan Gotlib's

"Coming Out 40th Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser"


April 2, 2021

"I’m still in a reflective mood as so many memories have come to the fore with my 40th Anniversary Coming Out Celebration on Friday. For those who weren’t able to attend, it is now on YouTube" 



"If for nothing else, I believe it’s worthwhile to hear the beautiful music and to find out more about Rainbow Camp from Stephanie Voyer, the camp director and Mikael Bennett, a former camper, who both speak a bit about the camp. I do realize that an hour and a half in front of your “device” may be a big ask, so if nothing else, I recommend you see the 6-minute documentary about Rainbow Camp. It is so powerful and moving!"


- Alan Gotlib

Watch an Oasis Vocal Jazz virtual performance of "No More Fear" presented at Alan Gotlib's "Coming Out 40th Anniversary & Fundraiser"

Make a donation to Rainbow Camp


"Take Me Away"


May 25, 2019

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"Oasis Vocal Jazz knocked it out of the park last night at the Tranzac Club. We had such a great band, a full house despite rain and Raptors and we just focused and followed our Director and fellow amazing vocalist Ben D'Cunha. I can't say enough about Alan Gotlib's MC performance, the fellow producers of the show Maribeth Graham and Alan G, the food, the raffle donations, the way we came together to "put on a show". 
Doug Scaife just owned the keys. Daniel Barnes, 'Jordan O'Connor and Alexis Baro supported us all the way and took our performances up ten notches. Our sound man, Taiwa was impeccable. You can only imagine what a feat of excellence it was to mic 10 singers and a band with very little prep time. he has the best ears! Karen Guerrette put together a slide show of the past 34 years of Toronto's longest running close harmony jazz vocal ensemble. It was awesome to watch and reflect on our blessings as a vocal community. We even had a guest performance from Madeleine Domingue who sang in one of the quartets.
Oasis rehearses all season for one night, our end of season concert, so you can imagine the pressure to really own the night. I am thrilled to report that it was an awesome evening. We need to thank all the family and friends who volunteered their time and great spirit, Austin McNamee painted a landscape especially for the prize raffle table that was beautiful. Constance Rennett longest standing member of OVJ and sculptor extraordinaire donated a spectacular piece called Tender Heart which was so generous.and so appreciated. Many thanks to Clara, Jamie, Andrew, Austin, & Sheina. Thanks to all our families and friends and colleagues who came to support and be entertained. See you next season!"

- Lisa Hartt

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Many thanks to Ben D'Cunha, Oasian members, fans, friends & family for a very successful year! We look forward to our 2019/2020 season.

Oasis Vocal Jazz, Toronto's longest running close harmony ensemble, has been making a unique contribution to the city's artistic life since 1985.

Listen to a sample of our CD "Playing Favourites"

Our members sometimes go on hiatus for a season or two because of work or family changes. If you're interested in auditioning, please contact us. You may be just the right person we're looking for!


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