Parts & Tracks

Old Devil Moon  SATB

Old Devil Moon  ALTO (track split)

Ice Cream  SSAA

Ice Cream  SOP 1

Ice Cream  SOP 2

Ice Cream  ALTO 1

Ice Cream  ALTO 2

My Shining Hour  SATB

My Shining Hour  SOP 1 & 2

My Shining Hour  ALTO

My Shining Hour  TENOR

My Shining Hour  BASS

The Longest Time  SATB

(30 sec samples of all parts) 


The Longest Time  SOLO

The Longest Time  TENOR 1a

The Longest Time  TENOR 1b

The Longest Time  TENOR 2

The Longest Time  BASS 1

The Longest Time  BASS 2

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